One of the most visited sites in Italy is the lovely area of Siena, located in the central part of Tuscany. It’s a hot spot for tourism with a very favorable climate for travelers. Declared by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Siena is traveled by history and art lovers from all around the world.

Here are a few of sites tour guides recommend seeing in Siena.

Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta

This cathedral is known for its gothic architecture

Piazza del Campo

Most tourism begins in Piazza del Campo. It is the main square of Siena setting the stage for art and design lovers with its array of ornate architecture. The Piazza del Campo is very much like a mall with a food court that has cafes and restaurants scattered among various shops.

Palazzo Pubblico

Palazzo Pubblico is a palace located inside the Piazza del Campo with an Italian Gothic Design.

Torre del Mangia

This tower is one of Siena’s main attractions. The tower is located at the end of the Palazzo Pubblico and is very tall and slender. Guest love climbing the tower’s many stairs to view the Piazza del Campo and surrounding from a different perspective.

Biblioteca Piccolomini

This is a library located inside the Siena Cathedral. It is a small room with an impressive fresco that will blow the mind of art lovers. It also has a series of historical manuscripts on display under glass for the history enthusiast to view.

Siena National Gallery

This gallery is considered one of the most famous in Siena due to its extensive art collection, and place to learn art history. It is located inside one of the city’s elaborate palaces which is a gem by itself.

Art and history aren’t the only draws Siena has, Italy is known for its cuisine and wine. Travelers can tour several wineries, and taste some of the world’s renowned wines. Food in Italy is loved all over the world and Siena doesn’t fail to please. Some of the most delectable pastries are created in Tuscany. Siena is known for a Christmas dessert called Panforte, and two biscuits; Cavallucci and Ricciarelli.

Sports lovers can also find things to do in Siena. Whether its football, volleyball, or basketball, Siena has a professional league to follow. Siena is also host to the Strade Bianche, a professional cycling race that runs through historic sites.

There is no shortage of information on Siena, Italy. This is a very popular place to visit. Living there isn’t bad either.